Tom Paine has established a clay workshop in Andover Hampshire, based in an outbuilding in a pleasant garden setting. Inside he has his electric wheel and both gas and electric kilns:


The Workshop

The workshop is well equipped and inspiring, with views out to a domestic garden with flowers and vegetables. Alongside the workshop is a kiln room for the gas kiln and a garden room, which is also used as a gallery for our work.  Inside the workshop there is a 'dirty end' for wet clay, which then progresses towards the entrance to a cleaner environment, which is used for mixing glazes and then applying them to pots..

The pottery is mostly buff white stoneware, although some darker buff clays are also used, as is some procelain. The main purpose is to produce functional ware, which is also novel and pleasing to the eye. That novelty might be in the form or in the glaze or both. All glazes are 'food safe' and prices range from about 2 for tree or fridge decorations to around 60 for say a large teapot.

Whilst the focus is currently on producing for Hampshire Open Studios and craft fairs, it is hoped to diversify into opening the facilities for other open days  for those interested. If you wish to pursue this then contact us as below.

A selection of our work is shown in the Clay Gallery, which can be accessed using the button above or here.. Currently this work represents what Tom has made, much of which will have sold.  Commissions, however, can be taken for pieces shown.  In the future this site will also contain a shop.



Contact by EMail at


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